25 Jan 2015

The Mind-Muscle Connection: From Heavy Duty To The Heart

The mind is an extremely powerful tool that is all too often neglected, or not given enough credit for its role in training and sports performance, as well as recovery. The key to intelligent, effective, targeted training is developing the all important mind-muscle connection. For thousands of years, peoples of

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Atlas Stones
13 Jan 2015

2014 Worlds Strongest Man Recap

This competition was held back in March of last year, so some of you may have known the result for nearly a year now. Many of you will have saved it for its traditional Xmas TV showing, and will still have it fresh in your minds. Either way, here’s a

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09 Jan 2015

Wilding Way of Training

Consolidation of Training Methods In relation to my previous article Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Training Methods I am now going to enlighten you on a few ways that I combine some of these methods to increase intensity one step further to really ignite and force the muscles to grow. If

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04 Jan 2015

Nuts, Seeds and Grain for Muscle Growth and Repair

Nuts, seeds and grains receive some bad press in some fields of nutritional science, but they should not be left out of any sportspersons diet. They are highly nutritious, great for health, are low GI, and pack a surprisingly serious protein punch, adding diversity to your protein intake. Yes, as

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Lifting EZ
03 Jan 2015

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Training Methods

I’ve seen people trying to learn how to run before they can walk in the sense of weight training throughout the 9 years I’ve been involved with the fitness industry. I was one of them! At the novice stage of weight training, I had role models telling me to use

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28 Dec 2014

Muscle-Munch talks with Junior Champion Bodybuilder Jake Wilding

Jake Wilding is a Junior champion bodybuilder. Now a personal trainer in Bristol, bodybuilding and fitness is his life. So laid back, he’s horizontal; Jake is an inspiration to all junior upcoming bodybuilders. An old uni buddy of mine, Jake will soon be a contributor at MuscleMunch, so I thought

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