Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Austrian Oak

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Austrian Oak

“What i’m doing is the thing i want to do. I don’t care what other people think. if the rest of the world disagrees and says i shouldn’t waste my time, i still will be a bodybuilder. i love it. i love the felling in my muscles, i love the competition, and i love the things it gives me. i have never really had to work in my whole life. i’ve never had an eight-to-six job. i’ve always made good money. i’ve travelled all over the world competing and giving exhibitions. i’ve made a living out of a pastime, which perhaps only five percent of the population can do. the other ninety-five percent are frustrated office workers, working for someone else. i’m totally independant. so, i … feel … if i would live again … or if i would be born again, i would do exactly the same thing.”

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