How to gain weight fast: The Ultimate Weight Gainer Recipe

How to gain weight fast: The Ultimate Weight Gainer Recipe

If you’re like me & have a super fast metabolism, look no further! In this article I’ll be sharing my budget ‘How to gain weight fast’ recipe, it does the job & get’s results! Forget spending insane amounts of money on crap, my recipe will cost you $30, do the same thing and taste just as good!


  • Whey
  • Rolled oats
  • Olive Oil
  • Optional: Banana’s, Cottage cheese, Quark, Peanut butter, Flax seed, Linseed
  • Water or Milk.

The above ingredients give a real good mix and pack some serious clean tasty calories. I personally use MaxiRAW WPC Precision whey because it’s cheap and high in quality! You can mix in high amounts of Glutamine/BCAA’s and it still tastes great.

If your wanting to spice the recipe up a little you can add the optional ingredients I suggested above. This will give it a nice mix of protein & carb’s, the cottage cheese will add additional casein protein and the banana will add potassium & simple carbohydrates leaving you with an all round good mix of calories.

I would often drink this 2-3 times a day just to reach my macros!                                           f


  1. First off blend 1 cup of oats into a light powder. (If you don’t mind a lumpy shake you can ignore this step.)
  2. Add 2 scoop’s of whey to the oats.
  3. Add 1 tbsp of Olive oil to the mixture.
  4. This step is optional, you can either use milk or water dependant on your macro’s.
  5. Blend her up & serve! I like to occasionally add ice but this is up to you.


670kcal – Calories.
45g – Protein.
73g – Carbohydrates (15g Sugar).
22g – Fat (4g sat).
8g – Fiber.

These are the macros with 1 cup of skimmed milk.

Author: Scott Francis

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