Interview with Bodybuilder: Paul Scarborough (Pscarb) [UPDATED]

Interview with Bodybuilder: Paul Scarborough (Pscarb) [UPDATED]

How did you get started?

My first gym was Maloneys in Huddersfield at the time it was packed with huge guys I was taken to there by my best mate at the time Dave, who happened to live with Billy Payne (top amateur back then. Seeing both Billy and my mate Dave train was inspiration enough to get into lifting weights I have not looked back since, I guess I was around the 112lb mark back then.

What your diet consists of & why?

My diet is simple, I keep my protein constant at 300g per day every day, my fats and Carbs increase and decrease depending on if it is a training or non training day.

I don’t eat a huge amount of calories compared to some of the figures that get thrown around the forums these days but even now in my off season I weigh everything so I know exactly what I am eating, I started doing this back in 2005 since then I have progressed year on year. Why I do this is simple, if I did not then when I stop gaining weight in the off season or dropping weight in the Pre-comp phase I would not know what macro to alter to enable my body to continue to progress.

You normally find when guys ask about increasing their drug use because there gains have stopped coming the cause is normally their diet and not there drug use, if more showed more interest in this side of things then many more would achieve their goals.

What supplements do you use?

I am extremely lucky to be fully sponsored by Cardiff Sports Nutrition, so I get to choose a range of supplements from many supplement brands.

The main ones I use are…

  • VPX SRO Protein Isolate.
  • Sci-Vation Extend (I use this through training and morning cardio)
  • Anabolic Designs Ravenous (this is a appetite stimulant and digestive aid, I could not be as effective without it).
  • AllMax Razor8.
  • Gaspari Ananvite (Best multi Vit/Mineral on the market).

Example of diet

As I said above my diet is simple but does change sometimes daily because I work away and stay in hotels a lot so cooking rice or chicken is not an option all the time, here is a basic weekday diet when I am at home.

  • Meal 1 – Oats, VPX Whey, Peanut Butter.
  • Meal 2 – Chicken, Basmati Rice (I cook my chicken in coconut oil for the fats).
  • Meal 3 – Chicken, Basmati Rice (I cook my chicken in coconut oil for the fats).
  • Meal 4 – VPX Whey, Peanut Butter or mixed nuts or Chicken and Basmati rice.
  • Meal 5 – PWO meal Children’s Cereal and VPX Whey.
  • Meal 6 – Chicken, Basmati Rice (I cook my chicken in coconut oil for the fats).

If I am up late working I will repeat meal 4                                                                                  *

What does your current work-out routine look like?

I use a Push/Pull/Legs routine; I cycle my working sets over a 4 week period starting at 6 working set per bodypart working up to week 4 at 12 working sets per bodypart.

Monday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps.
Wednesday: Legs.
Friday: Back, Biceps, Rear Delts, Shrugs.                                    *

What are your max lifts?

I have never been a max lift kind of guy mainly because of a bad accident in 1996 that left me paralysed doing heavy basic lifts has not been an option……

Here are the lifts that I have done though:

  • Leg press – 1452lbs for reps (7) although this was around 6-7yrs ago
  • Bench – 320lbs
  • Incline Bench – 342lbs
  • DB shoulder press – 60kg DB’s
  • Partial Deads – 170kg

What’s your opinion on the run of the mill “Bulk & cut” way of training?

If I am honest I think it is pointless and many use this “Bulk” word just to eat crap and get fat, but then these guys are normally the ones that do not look like they have progressed onstage year after year. Don’t get me wrong I am not talking about keeping stage ready condition all year round but not to look like the poster boy for Krispy Kreme either.

Who is your favourite bodybuilder?

At the moment it is Jay Cutler out of the Pro’s as I admire the way he took defeat then come back and smashed everyone on the Olympia stage to regain his title. In general although it sounds like a cliché and a bit cheesy I do genuinely admire any person who goes through a pre-comp diet and steps onstage as it is not easy at all.

If you could give someone one piece of advice, what would it be?

Leave your ego at the gym door! Train smart as well as hard & pay more attention to the nutritional side of

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