Interview with WSM Competitor: Mark Felix

Interview with WSM Competitor: Mark Felix

How did you get started?

I got started in strongman purely by accident. Whilst bodybuilding I was asked to make up number in a strongman competition in September 2002, having never even seen strongman before. I competed against some of the top guys in England, came 3rd & won 3 of  the event and I’ve been hooked ever since!

What your diet consists of and why?

Coming from the Caribbean our diet was mostly fish. I have stuck with this as it works for me. Lots of protein, not much fat & quickly digested. If you watch your diet & take note of how it effects you, even as far as your work-out and what you have eaten, you can see what benefits you. I take in around 7000 calories a day, I’ll give you an example of my diet below.

Id recommend, Met-RX Protein as a supplement for extra calories, easy to mix, easy to drink. I’d also recommend Met-RX Amped, no one has an excuse for not training after work because they are tired if they take this product.

Breakfast                                                      *

  • Met-RX Multi vits.
  • Milk thistle.
  • Green tea.
  • Met-RX creatine.
  • Met-RX glucosamine.
  • Met-RX nitropump.
  • Met-RX L glutamine.
  • Met-RX amino.
  • Met-RX EFA’s.
  • Met-RX BCAA.
  • Met-RX Tribulus.
  • 7 weetabix, 1 ½ pint of skimmed milk.


  • Fruit/Cucumber/Tomatoes/Nuts.
  • Met-RX Protein Shake.
  • Hot green tea.


  • Salad with egg, tuna or cheese on wholemeal bread.
  • Hot green tea.
  • Met-RX nitropump.
  • Met-RX L glutamine.
  • Met-RX amino.
  • Met-RX EFA’s.
  • Met-RX BCAA.
  • Met-RX Tribulus.


  • Fruit/Cucumber/Tomatoes/Nuts.
  • Met-RX Ampled Before training.
  • Met-RX Protein Shake after training.
  • Hot green tea.


  • Salmon.
  • Steamed veg or Rice.
  • Lentil soup & Potatoes.

Before Bed

  • Fish.
  • Lentils, Brown Rice, Potatoes.
  • Met-RX creatine.
  • Met-RX glucosamine.
  • Met-RX nitropump.
  • Met-RX L glutamine.
  • Met-RX BCAA.
  • Met-RX ZMA.
  • Met-RX EFA’s.

What does your current work-out routine look like?

I train 6 times a week & have 1 rest day when I feel it is needed. This is dependent on competitions, traveling e.t.c., I tend to listen to my body, so if I feel tired or ache I don’t train. Every session I have a 20 minute warm up which consists of cardio & band circuits.

Day 1 – Event Training

Out of strongman competition season I work as a plasterer which is cardio all day. I allow for calories burned & take extra protein for this. I also train after work for 2 hours.

Day 2 – Chest/Tricep/Shoulders.

  • Dumbbell Incline bench press.
  • Dumbbell Fly’s.
  • Cable Cross Overs.
  • 1 Arm Dumbbell Push Press.
  • Heavy Shrugs.
  • Upright Rows.
  • Close Grip Bench press
  • Standing Overhead Triceps Extension.
  • Triceps Dips (Someone sat on my shoulders).

Day 3 – Back.

  • Lat Pull Down.
  • Cable Rows.
  • T-Bar Rows.
  • Single Arm Dumbbell rows.
  • Wide Grip Pull ups

Day 4 – Legs & Abs.

  • Barbell Squats & Slow Squats.
  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts.
  • Leg Extension.
  • Single Leg Extension.
  • Hack Squat.

Day 5 – Olympic Training/Powerlifting.

  • Push Press.
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Row.
  • Barbell Deadlift (Alternate weeks) – Light 300kg, Heavy 360kg.

Day 6 – Repeat, all body parts should be rested  recovered, ready to start again.


I try to use as many free weight’s as possible, it means my core gets a much better workout! On most of  the exercises above I’ll do 4×10-12 reps, increasing the weight with each set  maxing on the final set usually at around 2-4 reps. I try do circuits 3x a week on top of the above when there’s space in the gym e.t.c. I feel circuits are great, it gets oxygen to your muscles quicker, aids repair & comes in handy if you want to build mass.

Finally always keep a routine!  its good motivation and you see results quicker, keep notes on your training & days you struggle. Track what you’ve eaten etc. allow time for your body to recover & remember – you don’t need to train body parts more than once a week, when you do see results don’t be tempted to keep working that body part and neglect others.

What are your Max Lifts?

I don’t tend to do max lift’s, that’s not how I train. Off the top of my head the only max lifts I remember are my 410kg Deadlift & I’m a record holder in the one arm Deadlift at 215kg, anything else I haven’t noted.

What’s your opinion on the run of the mill “Bulk  & Cut” way of training?

I don’t do it so I can’t really comment. I’m 44 & I’ve found a way of training & diet that works for me. I’m still improving so I must be doing something right!

Who is your favorite bodybuilder, strongman or powerlifter?

I don’t have a favorite, there’s no one I want to look like or lift like. I respect them all & I’m lucky to be friends or in contact with many.

If you could give someone one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t believe everything you hear and respect your body

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