28 Dec 2014

Muscle-Munch talks with Junior Champion Bodybuilder Jake Wilding

Jake Wilding is a Junior champion bodybuilder. Now a personal trainer in Bristol, bodybuilding and fitness is his life. So laid back, he’s horizontal; Jake is an inspiration to all junior upcoming bodybuilders. An old uni buddy of mine, Jake will soon be a contributor at MuscleMunch, so I thought

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Flex Lewis
02 Mar 2014

2014 Arnold Classic – 212 Results

The results for the prestigous Arnold Classic 212 Division are in, our congratulations go to the winner, James Flex Lewis. View results of the Professional division 1. James Flex Lewis 2. David Henry 3. Aaron Clark 4. Hidetada Yamagishi 5. Jose Raymond 6. Charles Dixon 7. Lukas Osladil 8. Tricky

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06 Mar 2013

Muscle-Munch Talks with WBFF Jewels Julie Bonnett

How did you get started? Fitness is a passion that has taken over and changed my life in every way. As a teen, I replaced dancing with weight training on my own accord, and enjoyed the improvements to my body and self esteem. The gym became my sanctuary – throwing

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25 Jan 2013

UPDATED: Scott Francis – Former 21st Bodybuilder, Now TV star & Model.

How did you get started? At the age of 17 I was  a national level basketball player. After turning professional before I went to university I was told I needed to put on some muscle. My brother was friends with the bodybuilding guru Neil Hill who owned a gym nearby.

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17 Nov 2012

Muscle-Munch talks with IFBB Pro Figure Raechelle Chase

How did you get started? We were living in Denerau Island (Fiji) and my 3rd baby was 4 months old, and my second youngest only 20 months old. I was seriously sleep deprived and because of that, lacked the motivation I desperately needed to get back into shape. One day

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14 Oct 2012

Muscle-Munch talks with Universal Nutrition athlete: Josh Halladay

How did you get started? I started lifting weights at a very young age. I was hitting the gym multiple times a week by the time I was in 7th grade; getting a ride from my grandparents to the local gym, or walking to my buddy’s house that had some

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