Larry Scott Dies Aged 75

Larry Scott Dies Aged 75

Body building enthusiasts across the world are mourning the loss of one of the true champions of the sport today; Larry Scott was the first winner of the celebrated Mr Olympia competition, holding the titles in both 1965 and 1966 making him the only undefeated Mr Olympia in history.

Larry was first diagnosed in 2010 with Alzheimer’s disease, and died on the 8th of March 2014 due to complications with the illness.

Larry was one of the most influential players in the body building world especially in its infancy, setting the bench mark high with arguably the best arms of all time. He played a major role influencing others who followed in his wake, including Arnold Schwarzenegger who was influenced by Larry, learning a lot from his posing style.

Born on October 12, 1938 in central Idaho, Scott first started training in the gym at the age of 16 and by just 20; he had won the Mr. Idaho competition. Subsequently moving to California, he swiftly won Mr. California (1960), Mr. Pacific Coast (1961), Mr. America (1962), and Mr. Universe (1964).

When Joe Weider formed the IFBB’s Mr. Olympia competition, Scott won the first two contests in 1965 and 1966. After his 1966 Olympia win, Scott retired, although he made a brief return in 1979 before retiring from competition for good in 1980.

Larry Scott was the most prevalent bodybuilding star of his time; also a fitness model he featured numerous times in magazines such as Mr America, Muscle Builder, Demi Gods, Muscleboy, and The Young Physique and swept America, the phenomenon coined as “Larry Fever.”

Although the man himself may longer be with us, his legacy will live on for as long as the sport does.




Nickname: The Legend, The Golden Boy

Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)

Weight:  205 lb (93 kg)

Pro-debut: 1959 Mr. Idaho, 1959

Best win: IFBB Mr. Olympia 1965-1966, two consecutive times,

Predecessor: None

Successor Sergio: Oliva

Retired: 1980

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