Muscle-Munch Talks with: Celebrity Life Coach & Entrepreneur Scott Alexander

Muscle-Munch Talks with: Celebrity Life Coach & Entrepreneur Scott Alexander

How did you get started?

I grew up in Canada, which is a country that encourages sport so I took up playing football and studying martial arts. When I eventually got to university I had this vision of transforming my body, to make my body strong to compliment my mind, and it was here that I found the gym. From the first workout I was hooked, motivated and Inspired. I have never lost this vision in my head of carving an amazing body, of being strong, fit and healthy. Without a shadow of a doubt, my career success and personal happiness in life are down to having the right mindset and the self-discipline to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. I’ve seen my dreams and ideas become reality, even although those around me laughed at them or belived them to be impossible. My inner self belief and confidence was born from over coming the struggles I faced in the gym and my pursuit of carving the body I wanted, once I was able to achieve that, I felt I through discipline and hard work anything was possible.

What your diet consists of & why?

The current look is to keep lean and ripped, and I have over the last two years come down a lot in mass but prioritise my condition and keeping under 5 % BF. I keep my carbs very low mon- fri but keep my protein intake high and consumption every 2 hrs from Fightline pureshakes, and plenty of chicken and tuna. On Saturdays I tend to increase my carbs through intake of pasta or rice with my meals and Sunday is reward day and I eat what I want!!!. I think a reward day is so important for if I am struggling on Fri and craving for a burger and chips I mentally know to hold off a few more days and when Sunday arrives I can indulge in my cravings!

I keep this cycle for approx. 12 weeks, then relax it a little to enjoy life and my condition then start over again, my diet can be found on my website

What supplements do you use?

I am involved in a supplement range called Fightline Diet, I live off the pureshakes which I consume 6-8 times a day as they taste so good and are ultra convenient! I also use Fightline Extreme burners and water loss pills, these help keep me ripped and full of energy on low carbs…

“The FIGHTLINE DIET Dietary Range will get you in the peek physical condition you desire. With 100% natural ingrediants and no unnecessary additives/E-Numbers/carbohydrates or fat, this supplement range is a modern solution to achieve a successful diet regime.Successful Model’s, Athlete’s, Fighter’s and Celebrities have tried the range already and they LOVE them”

Example of diet

This is what I eat Monday – Friday.

  • Before Morning Cardio: Fightline Extreme Burners & Rapid Waterloss.
  • Meal 1 (POST Cardio): Fightline Pure Shake, Egg whites, Whole Wheat Bagel.
  • Meal 2: Fightline Pureshake.
  • Meal 3: Tuna Salad/Grilled Chicken/ Stirfry Steak with veg or Eggwhite Omlette with Crab Meat.
  • Meal 4 (POST Workout): Fightline Pure Shake.
  • Meal 5: Tuna Salad/Grilled Chicken/ Stirfry Steak with veg or Eggwhite Omlette with Crab Meat.
  • Meal 6: Fightline Pure Shake.

What does your current work-out routine look like?

6 days a week I hit cardio every morning for 45 mins – This I have found is the key time be training to burn fat off my body and is the most important element in my present training. I have written an article on the benefits of this which can be found

I then hit each body part twice a week, high reps , moderate weight, fast pace, followed by 25 min of cardio…. I smash abbs twice a day 6 days a week which I started doing over the past year and have seen a massive improvement!!

My Training Split

Monday: Lower Chest
Tuesday: Back & Biceps
Wednesday: Shoulder & Triceps
Upper Chest
Rest day

What are your max lifts?

I used to weight 17 stone and lean, and max lifts then were – 220 kg bench for 5 reps, 100kg strict bicep curls with Olympic bar 8 reps & 55 kg flat flyes strict 12 reps.

What’s your opinion on the run of the mill “Bulk & cut” way of training

Everyone is different and there is no correct way its what works for you, its important to know what you want and keep visualising …. I like the current lean look so I keep tight all year.. and make small adjustments to my training and diet to get the results I want, I personally don’t want to be carrying water and excess fat as I like to look and feel good all the time!!

Who is your favorite bodybuilder?

Arnold Schwarzenegger… everything about the man is no.1 his mindset and inner self belief is such a big inspiration that anything is possible!!

If you could give someone one piece of advice, what would it be?

The ability to embrace failure as part of the journey and be able to evolve through it. Failure is a compulsory stage we all experience in many parts of our lives and even the most successful individuals experience failure regularly, the ability to handle this difficult and testing stage when everyone else would and advises you to give up, when you even begin to doubt yourself or even your very own existence, to then be able to use this seed born from failure and turn it and grow it into the roots of your success, that’s the hallmark of greatness…



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