Muscle-Munch Talks with: Powerlifter Logan Lacey

Muscle-Munch Talks with: Powerlifter Logan Lacey

How did you get started?

When I was 19 I was trying to earn a spot as an offensive lineman at Abilene Christian University. During two-a-days, I was injured in a drill that resulted in my seventh concussion. After that I was deemed medically unfit to play the game anymore. I decided to try other venues to be competitive in.

I naturally took to the strongman/bodybuilding scene, going from a football weight of 355lbs at 28 percent body fat to 247 lbs at 10 percent body fat. One day I was in the gym when I met a young man that could out squat and deadlift me. Chase Kiser convinced me to join the “darkside” of Powerlifting and I quickly fell in love with it! He was my first coach and prepared me for my first meet in June of 2008. The rest is history.

What your diet consists of & why?

My diet consists of 300-400 grams of protein a day. Monday through Friday I try to eat relatively clean with the weekends being my cheat days. I am a super heavy weight so I eat according what my energy needs will be for the day and not for what weight I want to be at. For example on a heavy squat training day I will try to consume 350-500 grams of carbohydrates; whereas, on a non-training day I will only consume 100-150 grams of carbohydrates. Just enough to fuel the repairs my body needs. The closer I get to a meet I may increase my caloric intake by 1000 to 2000 calories per day, depending on how I am responding to training and rest.

What supplements do you use?

I am a huge Lg Sciences fan. My first big boy supplement was Lg Science’s Methyl 1 D. I had amazing results! I went from 310 lbs to 340 lbs at a lower body fat percentage & my strength levels are through the roof!

In late November I was crushed by a 425 lbs raw bench. Just this last week I annihilated 500 lbs twice in one workout. I would also like to say that if you haven’t tried Anadraulic State GT, you haven’t experienced true training! I have never taken a preworkout supplement that gets me as focused and amped as ASGT does. I take it thirty minutes before workout and I feel like I can bite a hole in a brick wall and whip whoever is on the other side. Lg Science puts their money where their mouth is and backs their products. No nonsense No crap just results!

Example of diet

  • Meal 1: 8 eggs, 1 cup Oatmeal with 2 Tablespoons peanutbutter, 6 slices of bacon.
  • Meal 2: Lg Science’s Lipotropic Protein (Get chocolate peanutbutter! Fat kids dream right there!).
  • Meal 3: 2-3 Chicken breasts, 2 Cups pasta, 1 Cup broccoli, 1 apple
  • Meal 4: ½ Block of cheese, twice baked potato w/ cottage cheese and all the trimmings
  • Meal 5 : 4 Fillets of Tilapia, 2-3 Cups seasoned vegetables, 1 Sweet potato
  • Meal 6 : Casein protein shake.

What does your current work-out routine look like?

Currently I am 5 months out from my next meet. So I am doing most of my workouts without gear. I divide my workouts into Max Effort days and Dynamic days. On Max Effort days I am following a modified 5/3/1 scheme that my current coach Greg Tillinghast has put together. On the dynamic days I follow it with speed work that Coach puts together according to what areas of weakness I need to work on. I train in 4 week blocks with 1 week in gear, 1 week deload, 2 weeks “raw” training. The gear week is to break in the new equipment I have received from Ken Anderson and Titan. I am currently trying out their new Assassin shirt and their new triple ply Boss squat suit. Once I get that equipment dialled in, I can promise you there will be records that will drop soon after.

What are your max lifts?

My best “Raw” lifts have been:

  • 755 lbs Squat
  • 585 lbs Bench
  • 695 lbs Deadlift

Best geared lifts in a meet have bee:

  • 1014.1 lbs Squat
  • 804.7 lbs Deadlift
  • 683.2 lbs Bench

Who is your favourite Powerlifter?

The first man that I studied coming into Powerlifting was Chuck Vogelpolhl. I admire him for his toughness. When I heard that he rolled two cars, messed up his neck, and still squatted a grand in a meet shortly after, I thought that is a man right there.

Jason Coker is another powerlifter I admire. I have had the pleasure of training with him and love him or hate him you have to respect him. I have never met another individual that get crushed by a weight then ask the spotters to add 50 lbs to that and let him go again. Fearless is all I can say.

Ray Pierce is another lifter I have had the honor of lifting with and I have never met anyone with more heart than that man. He is the ultimate competitor but will go out of his way to help others.

Finally I would have to say that I admire Greg Tillinghast. After I moved to Dallas, that guy took me under his wing and expanded my knowledge on the sport. With his help I reached my first 800, 900, and 1000 lbs squats within a year. His knowledge on the technical side and form of the sport is unbelievable. I am sure he has forgotten more about Powerlifting than I will ever learn.

If you could give someone one piece of advice, what would it be?

“For the Lord has not given you a Spirit of Fear, but one of power, love, and self discipline.” 2nd
Timothy 1:7


“Never give up son. Even when the world tells you that you don’t have it, don’t give in. A true man
is not based on what he gathers in this life, nor by what he accomplishes; but by the strength of his
heart. That’s what they will remember .” – Mark Lacy (Father)

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