Muscle-Munch talks with WBFF Pro Bikini Diva: Nicole Petraschuk

Muscle-Munch talks with WBFF Pro Bikini Diva: Nicole Petraschuk

How did you get started?

I have been athletic all my life and have wanted to be a fitness model since I was 16 years old. After the birth of my second daughter I just knew it was the right time to get into weight training. I hired a personal trainer when my daughter was 11 months old and once I started I couldn’t stop- I was addicted! I signed up for the WBFF Calgary Championships in July 2011 and ended up winning my first show and pro card, I cannot wait to get on stage again this year! Finding my niche with fitness has been life changing for me. I have devoted myself to a life of fitness and teaching my daughters, friends and family how important fitness and nutrition is for you to live a happy healthy life. I decided to take a career in personal training and am almost finished completing my certification.

What your diet consists of and why?

Nutrition is a huge part in transforming your body. My diet consists of lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbs. Being Celiac I really have to watch what I eat and nutrition is very important to me. I eat 5-6 small meals a day to keep my metabolism going and my blood sugar level. I drink 4 litres of water a day and 4 cups of green tea a day with each meal as green tea has many great health benefits. I try and prep 4 days worth of meals at a time to prevent me from grabbing something that is not on my diet. It makes it much easier to grab something healthy out of my fridge that i pre made instead of grabbing something out of the pantry.

What supplements do you use?

I use Magnum Nutricueticals supplements not just because I am a sponsored athlete for them but because I think they are the best, I am very sensitive to a lot of supplements and foods and have never had a problem with Magnums products. I use Loaded (multi vitamin, Big C (Creatine), Quattro ( protein powder, Acid ( CLA ) , Serum ( pre workout), A bomb ( recovery), Greens and DNA ( BCAA’s) . I also take fish oils and get my other fats through food such as avocado’s and nuts instead of pills.

Example of diet

  • Meal 1: Oatmeal, flax seeds, fruit, egg whites, cup of green tea.
  • Meal 2: Greek yogurt with cinnamon, organic bran buns, almonds, green tea ( every second day I eat natural peanut butter on gluten free rice cakes instead of greek yoghurt).
  • Meal 3: Chicken, veggies, yams, fish oil & green tea.
  • Meal 4: Protein shake (before and after workout).
  • Meal 5: Chicken, broccoli, green tea.

What does your current work-out routine look like?

Right now I am lifting heavy weight and low reps to build muscle.

  • Monday: Legs (Heavy).
  • Tuesday: Cardio/Abs.
  • Wednesday: Cardio/Shoulders (heavy).
  • Thursday: Off.
  • Friday: Cardio/Chest/Back.
  • Saturday: Cardio/Arms (heavy).
  • Sunday: Cardio/Abs.

What are your max lifts?

I have never tried to figure out my one rep max. I am too afraid of injury, I lift heavy to wear I max out at 6-8 reps per set. I am planning on lifting a max of 4 reps per set in the next couple of weeks to bulk up a bit.

What’s your favourite cheat meal?

My favourite cheat meal is gluten free pizza and dessert is gluten free cookies dipped in almond milk!! YUMMY!

How do you stay motivated?

My daughters are my main motivation, setting a good example to them through working out and eating healthy is very important to me along with inspiring other people. Seeing the changes in my body and the pump my muscles get while working out is also very motivating.

Who is your favourite bodybuilder, strongman or powerlifter?

I cannot say I have one favourite bodybuilder. Anyone who has the discipline to maintain a life of fitness I admire. It takes a lot of dedication, discipline and hard work.

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If you could give someone any advice, what would it be?

The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. -Anthony Robbins 

I choose to live by choice, not by chance. To make changes, not excuses. To be motivated, not manipulated. To be useful, not used. To excel, not compete. I choose self-esteem, not self pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice. Not the random opinion of others. – Brenda Petraschuk

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