04 Jan 2015

Nuts, Seeds and Grain for Muscle Growth and Repair

Nuts, seeds and grains receive some bad press in some fields of nutritional science, but they should not be left out of any sportspersons diet. They are highly nutritious, great for health, are low GI, and pack a surprisingly serious protein punch, adding diversity to your protein intake. Yes, as

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Santa Lifting
18 Dec 2014


Yeah, OK, I toyed with this title a little bit… All I want for Christmas is my two front…. delts? Nope! Winter gun-derland? Na! Jingle barbells? Nooooooo! Rudolph the red-nosed gain-deer? Hmmmm maybe…   Anyway, that’s the title, feel free to comment if you come up with a better one.

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Maximise your preworkout
17 Dec 2014

Six Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Your PreWorkout Stimulants

Ever been dragging from a long day of work or errands and realized you still had a leg work out to fit in? At this point you conference with your exhausted body—maybe you can just put it off until tomorrow, right? Looking at your day planner you realize tomorrow just

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12 Dec 2014

Zen Your Way to a Healthier, Bigger Body

Life can be stressful. Just when you think that every possible thing that could go wrong, has…. the car won’t start, the boiler packs up and the dog eats the TV controls. At times like this, it’s easy to go completely off the rails. You might swear and shout, and

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20 Jun 2014

Terms That Supplement Companies Love

The supplement industry, like all industries, is very fickle and full of terms designed to confuse and baffle consumers, as a result it is hard to make educated decisions as to what to buy or who to trust. In the following article, we will investigate some of the most common

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Tips For Eating
25 May 2014

Top Tips to Eating Well

There is a common misconception that in order to eat right; it all comes down to calories. I’m going to tell you right now, that you can look and feel fantastic and don’t need to break out a calculator each time you eat. Obtaining the correct nutrition that your body

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15 May 2014

Speed Up Your Muscle Growth

Want to reach new heights in your workout program? Tired of slow and sluggish muscle building results that just aren’t on par with the amount of time you’re spending in the gym? If you feel like you need to do something to give yourself a boost, the following tips are

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03 May 2014

Tips & Tricks to Consuming Enough Protein

People who work out need to consume more protein than someone who doesn’t. This is because exercise causes muscle damage. With each rep you perform, you cause tiny tears in your muscles, known as “micro-tears” in your muscle fibres, and your body needs protein to fully repair this damage. The

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