Maximise your preworkout
17 Dec 2014

Six Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Your PreWorkout Stimulants

Ever been dragging from a long day of work or errands and realized you still had a leg work out to fit in? At this point you conference with your exhausted body—maybe you can just put it off until tomorrow, right? Looking at your day planner you realize tomorrow just

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31 May 2012

Natures Remedy to Overcoming Fatigue

All too often when someone’s energy levels are low, they often reach for a caffeinated drink or worse they eat a bunch of carbs and sugar for a short burst of energy. The energy obtained from these methods doesn’t last, and can have some negative consequences- Energy Crash, irritability, weight

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10 May 2012

Heating whey protein: The hard truth.

You will see many answers regarding this question, both yes and no. My personal opinion is yes The Mailliard effect happens when you heat protein. The amino acid lysine breaks down into a chemical furosine, which is the cause of amino acid damage in protein. Excess heat causes the Maillard

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06 Jan 2012

The Ultimate Weapon For Cutting Bodyfat: CLA

A number of studies have demonstrated that CLA reduces fatty mass while increasing lean body mass. And whilst there are plenty of thermogenics, stimulants and thyroid stimulators of notable merit, few supplements on the market today have been backed by as much research as CLA. Lets take a look at

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24 Nov 2011

Bodybuilding 101: 20 Supplement lessons for a better physique.

Below Brad Borland gives you a few supplement related hint’s and tip’s that could help improve your physique and performance in the gym. Supplementation #1. Good morning whey. Immediately upon wakening down a small whey protein shake 30 or so minutes before your solid breakfast meal. This will halt the catabolic state

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01 Nov 2011

NO C For You: Stacking Vit C & Arginine can give you a NO boost.

Since nitric-oxide booster/arginine supplements exploded onto the bodybuilding scene several years ago, scientists and bodybuilders alike have looked for synergistic compounds that can help increase arginine’s effect on NO synthesis. Since arginine is readily converted into NO in the body, supplements that either increase arginine conversion to NO or delay

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14 Jul 2011

ZMA Essentials: Wake up to the benefits.

If you’ve been bodybuilding for more than a decade, you will likely remember the hype that surrounded a simple supplement known as ZMA at the turn of the millennium. A combination of zinc and magnesium aspartate plus vitamin [B.sub.6], ZMA was crowded out of the picture by supplements like creatine

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12 Jul 2011

The Low-down: Beta Alanine

The past decade has seen an explosion in the supplement industry, with the new products seeming to crop up on a weekly basis. Of course these products eventually fade, making way for “the next big thing.” But despite dozens of these fly by night products appearing, and subsequently disappearing, in

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